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Generational Selling – Understanding Your Customers

Changing Demographics – The Age Factor

Success depends on how well you know your customer

Understanding what your customers want begins with understand their demographics – the common characteristics that influence their beliefs, biases and behaviors, your customers’ age is one of the most important demographics to know (and the easiest to judge from a glance)

Learning what motivates members of each of the generations your homebuilders and homebuyers grew up in can help make your selling more profitable and productive.


Talking ‘bout my generation

Your customers fit into four generations, with unique wants,

needs and decision-making styles:

glasses2 Matures…………………………Born 1909 – 1945


Baby Boomers…………………..Born 1946 – 1964

X Generation X……………………Born 1965 – 1978

Y Generation Y…………………….Born 1979 – 1988

You don’t look your age

Knowing which generation customers belong to isn’t as easy as knowing their birthdays. Also, you can’t always make that judgment based on how old someone looks.

The key is spending time getting to know your customer and figuring out which generation the customer most strongly identifies with.

The more time you spend getting to know your customer the better.  Click on the links above for information on the different age groups and what you can expect from each.

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Who Is Appleseed Homes




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Appleseed Realty’s history dates back to 1977, when it was founded as an independent real estate office on Staten Island by broker/owner Henry Setaro. During that time, our organization was the recipient of multiple awards for excellence in productivity on the local, national, and international levels, as well as being recognized for superior customer service.

Through our pioneering marketing strategies, which have included print media, cable tv, web exposure, mailing campaigns, and innovative internet marketing we have expanded to become a major force in the real estate marketplace today.

We are currently Staten Island’s, largest and most successful realty organization, with six state-of the art locations and a sales force of over 200 professional associates. Additionally, we have locations in Brooklyn.

We are members of the Staten Island Board of Realtors (SIBOR), the Long Island Board of Realtors (LIBOR), the Bay Ridge/Bensonhurst Multiple Listing Service (MLS), and the Brooklyn MLS. This combined coverage offers unparalleled exposure for both sellers and buyers alike, as well as for sales associates seeking maximum opportunities for success.

Our affiliation with Mortgage Links, a licensed New York State mortgage bank, give our customers and clients access to the most competitive rates and program available today, and paves the way for a smooth transaction.

In brief, we offer what no other agency can – total service at competitive rates, backed by a proven track record of success. Whether selling, buying, renting, or relocating, contact us to see what we can do for you!