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54 Ravenhurst Avenue, Westerleigh

Staten Island, NY 10310

Just listed this DETACHED brick front raised ranch featuring: An AMAZINGLY OVERSIZED 45 x 142 property. Eat in kitchen, large open and airy living room, separate dining room, hardwood floors, front and side entrances, 1 full bath on main floor with a half bath in partially finished basement. Also in basement is a sink with countertop, slop sink, work area, access to garage. The BACK YARD is TRULY A RARE FIND! This home can be found on a beautiful tree lined street in the heart of sought after Westerleigh! Close to stores and transportation. Won’t last!

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A Real Estate Agent’s Short Story

This is an e-mail I received from one of the agents in my office at Appleseed Homes.  I think this is a perfect example as to why we continue in this crazy but wonderful business. 

From: angela galluccio Sent: Monday, December 20, 2010 8:32 PM To: KATHY WYNN

Subject: I visited my Buyers!
I went to see my  buyers from Marisa Circle!  I brought them a small ornament with their new address on it dated 2010 and a bottle of bubbly since that’s what they always said I was.  I called before going, but no one answered, so I just decided to go there anyway.
They were so surprised and happy to see me.  When I walked into the house it was decorated from top to bottom in Christmas, it smelled completely like pine and cinnamon.  The ladies of the house had new haircuts, their nails were done and they were full of smiles.  I can’t tell you how good they made me feel. They still have a little issue with the air conditioning not being fixed but they are leaving it to Klapper ($5,000 was left in escrow for it, so all should be okay).  They told me I made their day and they love me, and that what I did – dropping in like that – is exactly what Christmas is all about.
Kathy, all I could think of was my dad the whole time.  I felt like he was looking down from heaven watching the whole thing.  When I left there and got into my car, I cried my eyes out.  They made me feel SO GOOD, yet all I could think of is how happy my dad would have been.  I will never forget my first sale!!!
I just had to share this with you.  Sorry if it was a long story. 


Sellers Don’t Lose Your Window of Opportunity

This is something in selling your home that you cannot regain as a seller and that is your Window Of Opportunity when you first put your home on the market.  The favorite saying of most homeowners is “let’s try it at a higher price I am not in a hurry”  well guess what, you as an owner just lost your Window Of Opportunity.  If someone is to buy your home, you must be aware of and buy into the concept of a “window of opportunity.”  This phenomenon means that when a home first comes on the market it attracts attention from those agents who are working with motivated buyers or those agents who are motivated by the price to go find one.  If any agent or their buyer believes that a house is poorly priced, it loses its opportunity and doesn’t draw their attention.  Basically, it gets written off from the beginning.  Once this happens it isn’t easy to get those agents or buyers back, even with a series of price reductions or home improvements.  First impressions are the original pictures framed in the mind and heart – they are usually lasting ones.  When memories and opinions get set, they are typically rough to change. 

The first time someone sees a property is called the “window of opportunity” because it’s the single best chance to create the impression that will sell the house.  Making the wrong impression will cost a seller time and money.  The longer it takes for the seller to realize this means more money out of their pocket.  First because the longer on the market the less appeal their home will have and also every month that goes by their puting more money into the house.  Buyers are always looking for value.  Regardless of the market they want the best property available at the lowest price.  Don’t be a homeowner who does not trust their realtor to be professional enough to be able to tell them the right price from the start. 

A good Realtor will know the market and what price to market the home to bring the highest price possible to their homeowners.  Listen to your Realtor when pricing your home for sale.  Don’t miss your window of opportunity you will never be able to get it back.

 Don’t lose your windown of opportunity