Matures – Getting with the “Greatest Generation”


They lived through the Great Depression, fought and won World War II and helped build modern America.  For that they’re often called “the greatest generation”.  The smallest of the four consumer age groups, they’re also the wealthiest.

  • 30 million strong
  • Duty,honor and sacrifice are important values
  • Quality construction is more important than speed or efficiency
  • Not interested in fancy options, high-tech, gadgets or customization
  • They’re very loyal, but aren’t afraid to shop around

Matures expect you to earn their business and treat them with respect….but not cater to their advancing age.

Selling tips

for Matures:

  • Let them define the rules of the selling process.
  • Ask what has worked for them in the past and then fit your product to that experience.
  • Offer Testimonials to show a proven record of customer satisfaction.
  • Don’t mention their ages.

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