Generation Y – Y? Because they like to be liked.


This group gets labeled “coddled” due to parents who pampered and protected them and raised them as friends.  they like to fit in.  They’re busy, ambitious, technology types who demand constant environmental stimulation.

  • 75 million
  • Torn between individuality and “fitting in, “they take time to look for unique items.
  • They don’t want to be hurried through the selling process.
  • Many began using credit cards early, making them comfortable with debt.
  • These are loyal customers who care about buying from a company that cares about others.

Self-Esteem is important and Generation Y is used to being told how special they are.  Something as simple as remarking your’re impressed wth something they’ve said or done can make a big difference

Selling tips for

Generation Y:

  • It’s important to recognize their individuality and accomplishments.
  • This is a plugges-in group that values technology and customization.
  • Yers require more handholding and you should expect to offer them a good amount of guidance in the sales process.

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