Generation X – x marks the spot

Family cuddling.

When they were younger, they were branded “slackers” and skeptics who were reluctant to grow up and conform.  High divorce rates and high-profile scandals fueled those skeptical attitudes.  Today they’re still skeptical, and that makes selling to them a unique challange.

  • 45 million strong
  • they question authority while embracing a “seize the day” attitude
  • Xers want total control of the selling process
  • They’ll choose options that make sense – to the way they live and work
  • Technology is important…and they’ll use it as a comparison shopping tool!

The Best Way To Sell To Generation X Is To Present Yourself As A Provider Of Information, Not A Salesperson.  Be Prepared With Plenty Of Answers, Because This Group Craves Knowledge And Asks A Lot Of Questions.

Selling tips for

Generations X:

  • Know your product thoroughly so you can answer their questins.
  • Xers need to make up their own minds.  They trust their own decisions more than others’ expertise.
  • Expect your customer to turn to the internet to gather more facts.
  • Don’t be afraid to show how your product stacks up to the competition, even any shortfalls.  Don’t hold anything back.
  • Give your customer the time and space needed to make a decision.

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