Baby Boomers – it’s all about “Me”


They’re known as the “Me” generation for their focus on personal success, and it’s for them the term “workaholic”was coined.  As they grow older, they’ll always see themselves as young.  Baby Boomers remain one of the largest generations in history.

  • 77 million strong

  • Hardworking & competitive, they buy things that demonstrate their personal success.

  • They need products and services that help them take control of their time

  • Individuality and customization are important

  • They care about technology,but think it brings as many problems as it does solutions

Baby Boomers have tremendous purchasing power.  Earning their business will require excellent relationship building and teamwork.

Selling tips for Baby Boomers:

  • Use a selling strategy that gives your customer a sense of power and purpose.

  • Explain your product’s advantages in terms of efficiency..not technology.

  • Many Boomers don’t care HOW it works.  They haven’t got time for that!

  • Let them choose the optional features they care about to create a product that’s truly designed for them.

  • This age group may seek the advice of their children (Gen X and Gen Y) before making a buying decision, so consider those strategies, too.

  • Selling to Baby Boomers is challenging but they are one of your best source of referrals

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