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I am a NYS Licensed Associate Broker at Barbara Corregano Real Estate, Staten Island NY for over 30 years. My office is located at 85C Page Avenue, Staten Island, NY. You can reach me at 718-644-2098 or e-mail me at I can answer your questions regarding short sale of your home, and how you can stop foreclosure.


Median Sales Price in Staten Island

1 yr 5 yr Max

Staten Island median sales prices

Number of sold homes in Staten Island
No. Bedrooms Feb – Apr ’11 y-o-y 3 months prior 1 year prior 5 years prior
1 bedroom
2 bedrooms
3 bedrooms
4 bedrooms
All properties $375,000 -3.3% $380,000 $387,745 $425,000

Staten Island Summary

The median sales price for homes in Staten Island NY for Feb 11 to Apr 11 was $375,000. This represents a decline of 1.3%, or $5,000, compared to the prior quarter and a decrease of 3.3% compared to the prior year. Sales prices have depreciated 11.8% over the last 5 years in Staten Island. The average listing price for Staten Island homes for sale on Trulia was $493,455 for the week ending May 04, which represents a decline of 0.1%, or $308, compared to the prior week and an increase of 1.2%, or $6,065, compared to the week ending Apr 13. Average price per square foot for Staten Island NY was $232, a decrease of 2.1% compared to the same period last year. Popular neighborhoods in Staten Island include Tottenville, Dongan Hills, Great Kills, Arden Heights, Todt Hill, and Woodrow.

Average Listing Price in Staten Island


Staten Island average property price

Staten Island – number of properties
No. Bedrooms Week ending
May 4
w-o-w Week ending
Apr 27
Week ending
Apr 20
Week ending
Apr 13
1 bedroom $234,102 +1.4% $230,959 $227,159 $224,653
2 bedrooms $318,474 +2.6% $310,320 $304,208 $305,950
3 bedrooms $441,756 -0.3% $442,888 $441,774 $439,003
4 bedrooms $684,565 0.0% $684,417 $679,379 $678,052
All properties $493,455 -0.1% $493,763 $491,951 $487,390

Average Price Per Sqft for Homes in Staten Island

1 yr 5 yr Max

Staten Island average price per square foot

No. Bedrooms Feb – Apr ’11 y-o-y 3 months prior 1 year prior 5 years prior
1 bedroom
2 bedrooms
3 bedrooms
4 bedrooms
All properties $232 -2.1% $253 $237 $275

Popular Neighborhoods in Staten Island

Neighborhoods Week ending
May 4
w-o-w Week ending
Apr 27
Week ending
Apr 20
Tottenville 1 +1 2 1
Dongan Hills 2 -1 1 2
Great Kills 3 +1 4 4
Arden Heights 4 +2 6 7
Todt Hill 5 -2 3 3
Woodrow 6 +3 9 8

A Real Estate Agent’s Short Story

This is an e-mail I received from one of the agents in my office at Appleseed Homes.  I think this is a perfect example as to why we continue in this crazy but wonderful business. 

From: angela galluccio Sent: Monday, December 20, 2010 8:32 PM To: KATHY WYNN

Subject: I visited my Buyers!
I went to see my  buyers from Marisa Circle!  I brought them a small ornament with their new address on it dated 2010 and a bottle of bubbly since that’s what they always said I was.  I called before going, but no one answered, so I just decided to go there anyway.
They were so surprised and happy to see me.  When I walked into the house it was decorated from top to bottom in Christmas, it smelled completely like pine and cinnamon.  The ladies of the house had new haircuts, their nails were done and they were full of smiles.  I can’t tell you how good they made me feel. They still have a little issue with the air conditioning not being fixed but they are leaving it to Klapper ($5,000 was left in escrow for it, so all should be okay).  They told me I made their day and they love me, and that what I did – dropping in like that – is exactly what Christmas is all about.
Kathy, all I could think of was my dad the whole time.  I felt like he was looking down from heaven watching the whole thing.  When I left there and got into my car, I cried my eyes out.  They made me feel SO GOOD, yet all I could think of is how happy my dad would have been.  I will never forget my first sale!!!
I just had to share this with you.  Sorry if it was a long story. 


Tis The Season To Be Hopeful


Don’t you feel it?  Tis the season of hope.  No matter what adversity you’re facing and we all have something in our lives that could bring us down, for some reason this season always seems to bring hope.   What is it about this time of year that makes everyone hopeful and thankful?  Since my livelihood has come from selling real estate,  I am hopeful for a prosperous real estate market for everyone and thankful for my past business.  Staten Island New York is my home and Appleseed Homes is the real estate company I have worked for over 25 years.  I have always taken pride in the professionalism this company has brought to its agents. 

Even with the recession, real estate careers are still booming and continue to attract bright, new individuals to join major firms like Appleseed Homes.   Many students continue to keep a future in real estate in mind as graduation gets closer and job prospects look slim.  Real estate careers are by no means a sign that you failed in earning a degree, but instead can indicate and lead to great success within the field!

So to say I am hopeful and thankful definitely applys this time of the year.


  • Thanksgiving marks the official beginning of the holiday season in the United States.
  • Thanksgiving is probably the most widely celebrated American holiday.
  • Most Americans spend Thanksgiving with their families.
  • This is my favorite Holiday. When everyone spends the day with their family and friends. This is truly an American holiday……….

Here are a few things to do if your visiting NYC for the holiday:

Kathy Wynn

Short Sales/Foreclosures, Staten Island NY

The sales associates at Appleseed Homes, Staten Island NY, have successfully joined a select group of Realtors who have become Certified as Short Sale Agents. Certified Short Sale Agent training provides you with critical knowledge and techniques to assist homeowners through the short sale process. The agents at Appleseed Homes are reaching out to anyone who needs advice or assistance.

What is the Short Sale Process?

The short sale process can vary, but it will generally work as follows:

1) The lender is contacted to discuss the possibility of a short sale and to determine the lender’s process for completing the sale.

2) The seller issues a letter to the lender authorizing the release of personal information about the loan and the property to the Certified Short Sale Agent.

3) The lender will review a short sale package, which will indicate the proposed selling price, remaining loan balances and itemize all expenses, including real estate commissions and other fees and expenses associated with the closing.

4) The seller will complete a “hardship letter,” which will detail and explain all financial difficulties. Lenders will usually want to validate the seller’s financial situation by looking at bank statements, investment accounts, along with examining paystubs and other financial records.

5) The lender will then look to the broker to provide a price opinion by examining the condition of the house and the market value of comparable properties.

6) The lender will then want to scrutinize the purchase agreement to determine if all amounts are reasonable and the real estate commission is acceptable.

Because of the documentation required, the short sale process can be lengthy. But if done correctly, it can work well for all parties involved. The lender avoids the uncertainty of the foreclosure process, the seller avoids a foreclosure on his or her credit report (along with potential bankruptcy), and the buyer hopefully got a good deal on a property.

If you are unable to make your mortgage payments or are struggling to make your payment, please contact one of our Short Sale Agents who can advise you as to how the short sale process works and answer any questions you may have.

Kathy Wynn

Branch Manager/Associate Broker

Appleseed Homes

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