A Real Estate Agent’s Short Story

This is an e-mail I received from one of the agents in my office at Appleseed Homes.  I think this is a perfect example as to why we continue in this crazy but wonderful business. 

From: angela galluccio Sent: Monday, December 20, 2010 8:32 PM To: KATHY WYNN

Subject: I visited my Buyers!
I went to see my  buyers from Marisa Circle!  I brought them a small ornament with their new address on it dated 2010 and a bottle of bubbly since that’s what they always said I was.  I called before going, but no one answered, so I just decided to go there anyway.
They were so surprised and happy to see me.  When I walked into the house it was decorated from top to bottom in Christmas, it smelled completely like pine and cinnamon.  The ladies of the house had new haircuts, their nails were done and they were full of smiles.  I can’t tell you how good they made me feel. They still have a little issue with the air conditioning not being fixed but they are leaving it to Klapper ($5,000 was left in escrow for it, so all should be okay).  They told me I made their day and they love me, and that what I did – dropping in like that – is exactly what Christmas is all about.
Kathy, all I could think of was my dad the whole time.  I felt like he was looking down from heaven watching the whole thing.  When I left there and got into my car, I cried my eyes out.  They made me feel SO GOOD, yet all I could think of is how happy my dad would have been.  I will never forget my first sale!!!
I just had to share this with you.  Sorry if it was a long story. 


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